Included here are bibliographical information and links. I continue to study Native American,

Western European, and Scandinavian plant usage.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LINKS - a freely accessible, Web-based encyclopedia of historic botanical literature

Electronic Sites of Botany, Plant Biology & Science Journals


Online and in book form:

50 Edible Wild Plants You Can Forage for a Free Meal:

Wild Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest:


Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge

Sacred Earth - Ethnomedicine: Native American Medicine

UM-Dearborn College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

(the above is a Native American ethnobotanical site) Home

Flora Of North-east England

Ethnobotanica -- a site of ethnobotanical research by Andrea Pieroni, Professor of Ethnobotany:

Plants of Iceland: Cakile arctica, Arctic Sea Rocket

Blackfoot Native Plants
Checklist of Non-Vascular and Vascular Plants of Slovakia


American Botanical Council
Publishes HerbalGram

Memorial Sloan Kettering Information Resource: Herbs, Botanicals and Other Products

This site specializes in evidence-based information on herbs, botanicals, vitamins, and other supplements.

Midwest Naturalists:

Everything Herbal - Main Page

Flora of North America @

Henriette's herbal medicine pages

Herbcraft - Links & Resources...

PFAF Database Search

Welcome to the PLANTS Database | USDA PLANTS

Plants For A Future - 7000 useful plants

Cornell College of Agriculture:

Nutritional Value of Plants in the Wild: Journal Articles

MEDIEVAL - Home of the electronic version of "A Modern Herbal", by Mrs. Maud Grieve

Medieval Medicine

Regia Anglorum - The Flora of Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age England

HERBALISTS and Schools

Find and Herbalist:

Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way - Susun Weed

Herbs Database and Herbal Skills Index

michigan herbalist jim mcdonald herb classes, weed walks and other herbal opportunities...

Institute of Botanay SAS:

Midwest Herbal School

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine Links - Michael Moore
An eclectic collection of links and resources, including ones of historical interest.